It’s rigged.

The whole thing. It’s all rigged. The beauty of their design is that most people don’t see it, and the nature of the scheme is such that it is built into everything. If you were brainwashed, would you know? How would you know? If it were a really good, thorough brain washing, you wouldn’t. That’d be the idea. Essentially, then, could the belief that most of humanity holds- that things in this world are generally as they seem- aside from a few socially acceptable critiques of mainstream ideas and institutions (eg. The news is skewed, they spin big stories for added effect.) – be one that was planted, or implanted, in the collective consciousness by the machine that drives it? [‘It’ being humanity, in this instance]



Once you see it’s rigged, you can’t go back . You will feel like you’re underwater, shouting, and your muffled cries may make it to the surface, where, when heard, they are shrugged or laughed off. They are mocked, and attacked. You will be persecuted for stating the things you think now, if they are true. It is a litmus test for truth, many times. It is important to remember you’re not alone under that water, in the deep abyss of truth that exists all around you when you wake up to the truth about the world. I am there, under the water, trying to drag every piece of truth to the surface and place it in the light. There are others there, thousands of us, diving to the bottom, finding truth, and carrying it to the top with us. Be warned, though. Please heed this warning seriously. There are liars amongst the truth divers, they are everywhere. They are hired to create a dozen fake YouTube accounts, 20 Facebook accounts, dozens of Twitter accounts, and to make ‘troll’ accounts to comment on things that are the truth and mock you, make you look foolish, to say ‘I too am a truth seeker, and what you say here is foolish, and you are a fool’. Don’t listen. Keep this in mind, however, especially if you watch a YouTube video that has been nearly-professionally produced, has a ‘logo’ or an icon that looks Trademarked, if they have hundreds of thousands of followers/subscribers, it may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Over time, they get easier to spot, and it is oft recommended to assume that a channel/account/poster/username is a troll than to assume they are honest, simply based on numbers. The odds are, the honest truth seeker is reading, and seeking and looking and digging, hoping that someone else out there has already shared his sentiments. He is looking for validation that he is not alone, that he is not crazy, that his ideas are valid, and he is looking for another fix- the true truth seeker will be chasing that feeling of revelation he had the first time he uncovered a large lie. That feeling of freedom and sudden ‘Yes!’ is unparalleled. It comes not from sharing the information you’ve already found, and thoughts you’ve already had, though. The fix, the hit of truth, if you will, only comes from new information uncovering a lie, so many of the actual truth seekers do not share. They do not make YouTube videos. They do not make Twitter or blog accounts. They are busy, too. They have jobs, and families, and children. I do not blame them for that or their priorities. Perhaps they’ve tried to tell the truth a little bit, and gotten shut down, literally, somehow in this literal Web of lies, where only occasionally and BY ACCIDENT is the truth allowed to rest.

Most [of the websites, accounts, video hosts, blog posters]

who claim to be speaking the truth online

are paid information agents given identities and a script.


I am not paid to do this- I am doing it because it feels good. It feels good to be able to share some of this information that I have amassed over the past several years, as I traveled through the abyss of truth seeking waters and I want to share my overturned stones with you, and see what you think. I want to give you that feeling we are addicted to, that grows every smaller the more we look:  the hit of truth, the buzz of A-ha!, the high of revelation.

It matters not who I am; man or woman, young or old, British, French, American, Indian. Who I am is not of significance. What is of significance is that when you read something here on this blog, you can go fact check it for yourself. The truth needs no defense. I am human, so at times I may suppose something that you think is not right, or accurate, or you actually know it to be false based on evidence. Please- tell me! I will edit and correct my errors and admit that it was wrong- that is the point of this blog after all.

The lie system is so large, so I am choosing the lottery to focus on in this effort and in my writing of facts. The lottery is one of the rigged and controlled parts of it, a cog in its wheel. It functions as a money feeding tool to the General Fund for the states in the US, and for other similar institutions in other provinces (Canada) and other countries all over the world. The lottery system is a web that is interconnected; no 2 nodes exist independent of the other. They may be created to appear that way, but it is not the case. There is One Lottery. There is One Fund into which the money goes. There is One Purpose.

I am here to show you proof that George Orwell was not hypothesizing in his prophetic novel 1984. He was simply telling the truth.
The game of odds is rigged. There are no winners. Only made up identities, ghosts, who function as hypothetical tools for money to be passed back into the system from where it came.


The Lottery is an ideal and masterfully created system for obtaining

black money- money that has been deemed for one thing,

but is then used for another,

by way of a lie.

(Examples of this are: NASA’s budget, the nuclear research and nuclear defense and arms budget, Large Media Event (referred to as LME heretofore. Not false flags, since that term has a lot of loaded ideology for many people, it makes some people automatically assume that people died, that it was a tragedy where the government murdered people for an agenda, which does not happen. The government does not kill people for their agendas. They are not bombing any cities and blaming it on a fall guy. They are not committing atrocities and drone strikes on children in Palestine or Malaysia or the Gaza Strip. Missing planes aren’t being used as a ploy to kill off doctors. They kill fake identities for their agenda, it is easier, no one sues, there is no moral issue to be taken in their mind, no murder to clean up, and sometimes simply because they can, which we will see is often times good enough of a reason for them) monies such as the post 9-11 Funds and the government money used to fund the trial of the Tsarnaev brother(s) after the Boston Bombing. The lottery generates massive revenue around the world. I bet they couldn’t resist tampering with it. They could not resist the temptation to pay a man 10,000 to tell the public he won 1,000,000 and then pocket the 990,000. The banks we were told were too big to fail are part of a bigger lie system and the lottery is a part of that system, feeding it and funding it. However, we have the truth on our side. Evil and lies are never too big to fail.


The world is tenuously resting on a bed of lies- it is quite scary in some ways, but thrilling in others since it will not take much crumbling to begin the collapse of the Lie System. It is like Jenga, and I am here to pull the block at the bottom.


The Lie System is all rigged. It’s masterfully designed. That is where the idea of the Devil versus God enters in. If God is the Creator, the Master Designer, then who is creating the evil and lies around us- the lies of the media, entertainment, music, television, sports, science, religion, banking, medicine, criminal justice, the lottery, politics? Not God. One need not be religious to see that a lying media (and I mean wholly falsifying, not truth bending or fact stretching.) and the layers of lie/cover-up/lie/cover-up swaddling humanity in comfortable falsehoods are some sort of abomination; a creation by someone or something so huge, and far-reaching, that its insidious effects have lulled humanity into a brain-washed-like state, a trance in which they snap and bite and growl at you if you question any of their precious beliefs. Most of humanity has been turned into watchdogs for the Lie, salivating and barking at the gates, making sure that no one enter and find out what lies beneath and within; the truth.

There are those of us who have dared pass the snarling and rabid masses, into that truth, unharmed might I add for their fangs are no sharper than their intellect, and we dove in. We dove in deep to a truth that is enlightening, and it is addicting. Our threshold for the high we get from uncovering another hidden truth grows ever greater, and so we grasp like children in the dark seeking for their mother. And seeking the truth can feel that way sometimes. We are not taught to do it, and we are not rewarded for it. We are cast out and ostracized, we are ignored at best.

Stay strong. Stay honest in your search, and be grateful you are addicted to truth-seeking.

I am here to share with you another source of truth. Another well of knowledge from which you can perch and drink, another way to quench the only healthy addiction that exists for humanity.

I will share with you information that may be confusing since at times I may not put the information in context. There will be a reason for that, even if I explain not my logic for so doing. When you have something in your hand that is shiny, and new, and true, it will be the target of attacks, and attempts to silence it. That is how I know I am holding a precious gem with the topics I will uncover here.

One of the activities the establishment has given us, to pass our time and waste our hard earned money in this lie system, is the lottery. Its roots in the UK before the creation of the United States of America still rest firmly there, and have spider-webbed to Rome, Italy, where there exists a central hub for the institution. Like animated television comedies, it seems harmless, fools play. Like many other things in this lie system, it is quite the opposite.

The lottery is a lie. It is rigged. It is tied to deeper lies at the abyss of the layers of truth where you look for your next fix of truth, deeper so than you could ever imagine.


Visit me here for updated facts and information, do your own research, and share with me your findings so we can fight against the lies by casting the truth out against them.


But, whatever you do, don’t pay or play.


I will be running a Twitter at DONTPAYOP and can be reached by mail at


I am looking forward to this journey together.









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