Welcome to Don’t Pay or Play!

Everything on this site will be accurate according to research obtained from public databases, and other sources which are generally and publicly accepted true. This, however, does not make the information necessarily true in the truest sense of the word.

The site will occasionally post the author’s thoughts and ideas, which are solely the author’s and no one has paid, coerced, or urged this author to post any information. The author of this blog is not working for any agency, organization or institution and is the sole and independent owner of the ideas herein.

Those statements bear sharing since it is this author’s opinion that the majority of blogs, websites, YouTube channels, and other accounts online are owned and operated by individuals working for larger organizations with much larger agendas.

It is the goal of this blog to post frequently and consistently and provide its readers with content which is new, and wholly unpublished elsewhere.

When an individual experiences what feels like an ‘awakening’- a relatively sudden awareness that things in this world are not as they seem, not as we have been told, and there seems to be a concerted effort to achieve a hidden agenda- the feelings that come with this awakening are powerful. Nowhere is it being addressed- the emotions and personal changes that stem from these revelations, for lack of a better word. Or perhaps it is the perfect word.

The individual who experiences what he or she would call an awakening typically becomes instantly hooked to the feeling that they derived from that moment when it became obvious to them that something they previously accepted as true- or had never thought about consciously much at all- is wholly false, a total and utter lie. The magnitude of this realization and its consequences are massive, for the individual and eventually, collectively, for our society.

This person very often becomes a sort of truth-seeker- someone who is not only looking for the truth because there is an inherent drive in him to know what is real, but also because of that feeling they had when they had their first revelation.

Truth seekers (not one who claims to be a truth seeker but who is paid by an organization to further an agenda, even if that organization has- or simply says it has- the truth in mind and at heart when the individual was hired, but those with HONEST intentions) become enamored of learning that one of their previously accepted ‘facts’ is a complete lie, and the more obvious the lie appears false now, is directly proportionate to how much of a rush the revelation delivers.

In this way, those in search of the truth who are honest and earnest, everyday people, are essentially addicted to the truth. Here, at Don’t Pay or Play, we will offer you your fix. Every day, all day.

The only agenda here is to follow where the truth takes us.




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