“CT Man Fighting for 10 year old Lottery Winnings”True story? Or fabricated to underhandedly authenticate a fraudulent system?

Does anyone know Clarence Jackson or anything about his story? Supposedly, at the age of 16, he purchased a winning lottery ticket. Not only would he have been too young to play, and thus too young to win, he also attempted to redeem the ticket 3 days late. My thinking is, despite a tale of woe, the rules are the rules for a reason, and Jackson serves as an example to the diligent lottery player to check your tickets.

However, thinking further and looking deeper, perhaps Jackson’s story serves a few other (intended?) purposes that work well for those invested in having you believe the lottery is honest. It makes the reader think that the lottery is ‘real’, that a poor kid with a sick dad can hit his numbers and strike it big, for starters. Implied in the story is that lottery winning- Powerball big bucks, at that- is even ‘a thing’. Secondly, the story serves the purpose of getting people to buy tickets- these stories about ALMOST WINS and ALMOST DIDN’T WINS are ADVERTISING!

I would be surprised if this story were legitimate, though it may be. It may be that a legitimate story was capitalized upon for the aforementioned latter purpose. I add latter because the former- to make you think the lottery is real- would not matter any longer because if a kid from central Connecticut can get a big win then that means that every now and then the numbers are not fixed ‘out of favor’. Or maybe they were not fixed back in 1995 when the winning numbers hit, and the issue of rigging and fixing is a more contemporary one. (I only have access to winning statistics from 2011 to now so I can’t do due diligence. Moreover, the information I have access to is incomplete, at that, so I may be underreporting the amount of multiple-time-winners there are, so keep that in consideration moving forward.)

If anyone knows anything about Mr. Jackson and his “close call” with a windfall, please share with this blog.

Remember- don’t pay or play. At least not in Connecticut.*



*Ok, and it’s looking like everywhere else too but I don’t have time or resources to start a blog for the 47 states that host the lottery, each of the Canadian provinces, and one for every foreign country that hosts a lottery organization. Oh, didn’t you know? All of the lottery organizations stem from one corporation. G-Tech Holdings in Rhode Island. (Partially Scientific Games, but that is a close connected subsidiary and branch of G-Tech)

Stay tuned for news from and about G Tech, a stellar organization with a fun, exciting story that begins in Providence, Rhode Island, travels to the Gambino (Gambling Gambinos) crime syndicate in New York City/ Connecticut which brings us strangely to Newtown (A little bit of Monroe and Wilton, and a lot of Danbury), and from there lands all the way in a little place known as the Vatican. Along the way, there are pit stops in Syria, Lebanon, Dubai, Qatar, and Israel. G Tech was founded by an aptly named individual, Guy Snowden. Maybe Snowden (ours, not the other one) could shed some light on what to make of these advertisements-turned-media-stories, or why there are consistently members of local government winning the Connecticut lottery. Unless you know something and want to do your due diligence and do the right thing, and tell the truth.



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