Former Pro Tennis Player, son of Sir Stanley Matthews, wins CT Lottery 3 times in a year

Stanley John Matthews, of the UK, has now won the Connecticut Lottery a total of 3 times from January 2015 to December 2016, according to the state’s lottery website. Matthews, a former pro tennis player, is son of former professional footballer Sir Stanley Matthews, according to Wikipedia.

Matthews’ wins are as follows:

1-14-15                       $30,000

5-27-16                       $30,000

12-15-16                      $30,000

Matthews moved to the US and became the manager of the Four Seasons Raquet Club in Wilton CT, which he subsequently purchased from the club’s owner and owns to this day. Matthews resides in CT with his wife and step-children, Wiki reports.


Sir Stanley Matthews CBE 1915-2000

Stanley Matthews Jr., son of the first pro footballer to be knighted,

is indeed due for congratulations, as he has spectacularly won the lottery

for a total of $90,000 in the last year.

Connecticut online lottery records date back to 2011 and can be found at





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