Frank [Farricker] and [Ann] Noble: 2 things the Connecticut Lottery isn’t.


Pictured above:Selectman Drew Marzullo, Candidate for First Selectman Frank Farricker and Governor Dannel Malloy at Greenwich train station Oct. 28, 2015. Credit: Leslie Yager



That photo, friends, is Frank Farricker, acting/current President of the Connecticut Lottery, boasting his close ties to and involvement in the government, and the Governor Dannel Malloy himself. If it sounds like a conflict of interest that a semi-private organization who ought to be policed by the government, is employing those in its ranks, that’s because it is. But it’s sanctioned, and they’re rich, so there’s nothing to see here.

The Connecticut Lottery isa quasi-public/semi-private organization, essentially a private corporation which is given a stamp of approval by the government. The lottery is subject to the laws of the Freedom of Information Act, as is pointed out by the unnamed [“Author: Editorial”] author of a recent article submission to the Hartford Courant. That is just what acting President Frank Farricker doesn’t want you to know, and what former President- now, ‘consultant’ Ann Noble- didn’t want to tell you either. They tell us ‘ We have to tell you everything, so how could we lie?’ so that when everyone assumes the transparency must mean someone is looking, no one is looking.


That also means that the general public- the average citizen- has, or should have access to what happens to the money, who wins it, and what the salaries and bonuses are for the people who work there. If they wanted to move money from the lottery to hidden groups, or keep it for themselves, could they not make up a name and TELL US that some guy named Joe Shmoe won it? Could they not pay Jose Jones 10,000 to keep his mouth shut other than to tell the public he won $1million? More shocking things have happened than a government organization doing shady things with its money. And recently, someone started digging.

This led to an investigation being led by Senator Len Fasano, senate minority leader (R- North Haven). This blog is happy to see the open inquiry was started, even if only looking at 1 of dozens of corrupt games. The only issue is that it kind of reminds us of how the police internal affairs investigations are run by their fellow cops… How “dogged”, as the Courant calls his efforts, was/is he really when it comes to running through this investigation with a fine toothed comb? Wouldn’t it make sense, if you were a liar,  to say “Hey buddy, listen. I think we are going to get made here, and we’ve been messing with the numbers BIG TIME. We need the public to think that we were investigated, yada yada, and that all the bad apples got weeded out, so do us a favor and run an investigation into the Cash5 game, and then when the President resigns because of it, stop talking about the original investigation, and make the story all about her severance pay to derail the actual inquiry. Got it?” Sure, guy. No problem.

Read the article about Farricker keeping the probe under wraps here:


Read the Hartford Business Journal article that focuses solely on Fasano’s probe into Noble’s pay out, and makes no mention of the actual corruption that was at the origin of this narrative, here:

The Hartford Courant editorial summarized the situation well by calling it “reprehensible” for acting President Frank Farricker to ask his fellow board members to keep quiet about the investigation (into the honesty of one of the lottery’s games and into the then President Ann Noble’s actions while actively acting as President) that was underway in 2016.  If you live in Connecticut you may not have even heard about this story, and if you live elsewhere, you definitely did not catch wind of what was going on. Farricker cites his reasoning for the subversive move and implied gag order as wanting to keep people playing- and paying.

The Hartford Courant editorial’s author seems to buy that that was his reason, but even if it were, the article says, it still as not reason good enough to do so. At this blog, we know Farricker’s reasons are more nefarious since he knows a probe into Ann Noble and one game would mean the unraveling of the whole organization, and thus all of the board members- including himself.

Taxpayers are paying big time, whether or not they choose to pay by playing the lottery. Noble is taking home big bucks via a severance package which includes, but is not limited to, staying on board as an ‘advisor’ (so all she lost was her title as President), a $150,000 payout for 6 months of ‘consulting’, and at least one bonus in the amount of over $20,000.

Essentially, the semi-public, quasi-governmental organization did nothing other than to squash an open investigation and sweep its improprieties under the rug. Nothing to see here, folks.

In an age where the media is receiving payouts in many forms from lobbyists and other media corporations, and funding comes from ‘octopus’ corporations with their tentacles leeched onto everything, the idea of an open and honest reporting news system is laughable. However, look around at 5 pm or 6 pm in most homes, and you will see families glued to their televisions and their local news stations, believing what they hear every step of the way.

The larger question that this inquiry begs is, Why is the American public so eager to believe their media? Why is the average American unable to admit that they are being lied to, as one of its newly beloved actors and scammers Donald Trump says, ‘big league’? They are willing to make broad, sweeping claims like ‘The media is dishonest’, but when asked to nail down one story, and call out a specific lie, John Q. Public clams up. Well no, I mean, they wouldn’t just make up that whole story, I just think they put a spin on it.

Well here’s the real spin: as our economy is spinning down the drain, the big floaters at the top aren’t going down with it, they’re simply stepping on your heads to stay there.

That Anne Noble, Frank Farricker, and the lot of them on the Board of Directors of the Multi State Lottery Association, and the Connecticut Lottery, would not know about these people winning the lottery beating all the odds, 2, 3, and as we saw in a recent post TWELVE times in 2 years, is absurd. They know. They just don’t want you to.

Did you notice what happened here? Do you know anything about the actual investigation into that Cash5 game? Do you even know what the lottery did to award a bunch of people illegal winnings? We don’t. The whole thing became about Frank and Anne.

Sorry, John Q. You’ll have to look at the facts yourself because Frank isn’t frank.

And Anne Noble isn’t noble.

The jury is still out on Senator Len Fasano. Prove us wrong, Len. Please, prove us wrong.

            Anne Noble                                                            Frank Farricker


Former CT Lottery President.                           Current CT Lottery President.

Still sits on Board of Directors for              Photo: Courtesy of Mad Dogs Cricket Club*

Multi State Lottery Association, is a          Aside from being, apparently, a global cricket

consultant for CT Lottery, and receives    player, Farricker also dodges the press and

benefits, retirement, severance pay,           the truth.

$20K+bonus, and $150K/6 months on the

taxpayers’ dime.


Farricker’s bio on the site for a Cricket Club called the Mad Dogs, in which he is a member of the Connecticut Canines, tells us:

“Origination: Greenwich, CT. Frank came to cricket as the bar manager of a mining bar in the Kimberley mountains of Australia (long story). Since then he has become a start behind the stumps, and featured in some classic run chases.”


Bar manager turned Lottery President? No wonder we’ve got problems!



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