Shocking Coincidence: North Haven Man Wins CT Lottery an Astounding 12 Times in 2 years for a total of $220K, plus a Win for Life ($2k/week)!

Is this enough to make you question probability and statistics?

In each game and winning shown below, Michael Morant won the maximum prize amount for that game, meaning he matched all of the numbers for a perfect ticket and full prize payout.


4-20-2016            $10,000

4-11-2016            $20,000

3-18-2016            $50,000

3-17-2016            $1,000 Gift Card to The Home Depot in a CT Lottery Special called Build it Bucks. $1,000 was 2nd Prize. 1st Prize was a $5,000 Gift Card to Home Depot, which was awarded to lucky Wayne and Rosemarie Hansen.

3-14-2016            $20,000

3-7-2016               $10,000

3-1-2016               $20,000

12-3-2015            $10,000

11-24-2015          $30,000

5-11-2015            $30,000

3-31-2014            $10,000

3-10-2014            $10, 000

6-1-2010               $2,000 a week, Win For Life

That is $220,000 and $2,000 a week. Could it be that the man won in 2010, and started putting all of his money into the lottery, and for 4 years, he won nothing, then suddenly in March of 2014 he starts a streak that lasts for 2 years, and ebbs and flows during that time, providing a yield of almost a quarter of a million dollars?

There is sort of a pattern emerging, should it continue into 2017 especially, in his winning dates.

2010-outlier of 1 Win for Life

2011, 2012, 2013- 0 wins

2014- 2 wins

2015- 3 wins

2016- 4 wins

2017- ???


Stay tuned, let’s see what happens to Michael Morant, the Lottery Winning Machine.

Noteworthy is that there are pending Civil Cases in Superior Court in CT, petitioning the court (In simple terms here) to allow Morant to give Stone Street Capital LLC his winnings, so that they, they could dole out his amounts in a lump sum or certain other agreed-upon sums, which generally they make money on in the long run, but allow Morant to get money faster, in a nutshell. Looks like the real big winners in these cases are not so much (although they are, yes) the winners individually, but these corporations around the world who pay to purchase annuities and lottery winnings direct from the holder, and then parse out the winnings at a quicker rate and lesser amount. They are taking home big bucks too. The convenience store/gas station/lottery ticket retailer is also taking some of that money in the form of a little kickback when they receive a gift that is a certain percent of the winning (10% generally) but theirs is much less lucrative than the racket these Pay for Play Businesses having going, like Stone Street Capital in Bethesda, MD.

If you have any information about this, or other similar “winning streaks” that you have become privy to, please share with this blog!







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