What percentage of the population is comprised of paid for government agents?

If it were….5% let’s say. Would you know? Could you know?

How many unactivated sleeper agents live in your hive? Waiting for a call, or a code- I don’t know how Bourne Identity these guys are- and then Bam, the guy who walks by your office every day at your lunch break with his New Balance 407s and his snicker doodle noodle poodle whatever-the-hell little kick-a-pooch he’s got, is giving his boss information about some guy in your office building who he shoots the shit with. That shit he’s shooting (what an idiom. Can someone Wiki the origin of that one? Why in the snickerdoodle hell would you shoot shit?) happens to be about a little website he started where he posts information about a conspiracy he’s discovered. Alan in bookkeeping chats with Snickerdoodle’s owner, Jason Bourne Jr., and shares this with him: ‘Did you know that real estate in the US is part of a massive scam? I mean, the government buying homes in the name of fake or dead people left and right and Asians are doing it with us so you’ll see just streets and streets in Jersey where every feckin house is owned by a Chin,  Chan, Choo. It’s true, bro. Look it up. And that’s why I’m telling ya. Because these agents out there, they’re literal job they hide behind is that they’re real estate agents, ya know, like you.’
Everyone assumes if you know someone for 3 or more meetings, that that person must be who they say they are. It’s human nature. We tend to let people be innocent until proven guilty. Maybe we should rethink that. Not in court, but at least in your neighborhood. Nit to be paranoid, but healthy skepticism couldnt hurt. How does the guy you see at the gym while youre sweating out Saturday’s Amstel Lights and Cuervo actually make his money? What dp you really know about people? He tells you his name is Leonard Hicks. Was that the name he git when he was a baby in the hospital, or is that the name he got 2 years ago when he moved to Parsippany.

Sound like the show The Americans? (Russian spy and FBI agent are neighbors and friends and the spy knows but the FBI guy doesnt.) That’s because maybe it’s just like that.
Hey, what did that couple of spies in The Americans use as their front business? Real estate. Travel agents.
Oh, and Alan’s friend, Bourne Kickapooch, just won $190,000 last week, and another $20,000 today.

And Alan? He’s still talking ever day at noon.


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