Massive Lottery scam bust sounds like a movie plot. Eddie Tipton tipped off his brother Tommy and the 2 men, thick as the thIves they are, stole away with, thus far, undisclosed winnings. How? Allegedly, Eddie Tipton “built the computer” that generates the numbers in what should be a random way, but is supposedly an algorithm that can be affected by tampering. Huh. OK so this goon looking fellow, Eddie Tipton (a name straight out of a Clancy thriller if I ever heard one) is a computer whiz, and these 2 guys singlehandedly (well, technically quardra-handedly if we are mincing words) scammed the lottery in not only Iowa where they live and work, but also in several other states which are under investigation. 
Before you read anything written here which comes from a mainstream news source, assume the word ALLEGEDLY precedes each sentence. The story is suspicious because of it smells rotten and because it’s in the mainstream, if for no other reason. The powers that be want us to know about this. It serves the lottery many, MANY purposes to put this story out, and like so many other lottery news stories, functions as an advertisement. 

It makes the reader confident in the lottery’so integrity. I know,it wouldn’t seem so at first. But pause and think…. the average person reading about this will feel as if the 2 bad apples have been taken out of the bunch, leaving them to chomp and munch their way through a clean barrel. (I’m on an apple kick. I keep using this metaphor. Gala apples. Crispy, sweet… Mmmm.) Anyway, John Q. Gamble is thinking, THANK HEAVENS THEY CAUGHT THOSE 2 SONS OF BITCHES! Tipton and Tipton…..FRAUDING THE SYSTEM, WHY I OUGHTA……GO BUY LOTTO TICKETS! 

It makes these men the fall guys for any impropriety which subsequently arises, especially on the heels of Connecticut’s scandal recently. People don’t understand but although the lottery is a semi state organization, it is actually run by a larger umbrella/parent organization called the Multi State Lottery Association, which is -yes- a NON PROFIT. Like everything else in our world including our language, everything is inverted to be the opposite so when you see “non profit” think PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT…. Oh, with no regulation, by the way. No one is minding the store when it comes to 501c3 charities. How do I know? I called the head of non profit regulation in CT, and he told me that he is retiring in about a year, that he has been put on casino regulation duty which takes all his time and the last guy who was the non profit watchdog retired, and THEY DON’T WANT TO SPEND THE MONEY ON THE SALARY FOR A NEW WATCHDOG. That’s literally what he told me. At least this guy was honest, but he had one foot on a golf course in South Carolina and the other tapping under a desk covered with crossword puzzles and Cheetos. Let me say it again: WHEN IT COMES TO NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, NO ONE IS MINDING THE STORE. And these guys are cleaning house.

Back to Tommy Tippy Nipply Skipper McGee Tipton whatever-his-name-is… We don’t even know WHAT THEY DID. They make it sound like they scammed a little and got caught. No. Not even close. Back in 2005 these guys were scamming lotteries in several states, at least, winning big jackpots left and right. But if the Tipton Boys can ride in and lasso a rigged machine, then do you think they’d be so foolish as to put the winnings in the own name? No.
 So who are the other winners. CUI BONO? You know why we will never know? Because the lottery is the other name, the lottery is the one that benefited and the Tipton Boys didn’t “build a code” to hack a lottery supercomputer. The lottery did. THAT’S who bonos. Or whatever.

Ya know what? Don’t buy a lottery ticket. Buy a few of these friggin apples. Even if you get 1 or 2 bad ones, at least you’re getting something out of the deal. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Sure. Here’s another one: It doesn’t pay to play. 

Don’t pay or play.


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