For the Record: This Blog Does not Participate in, nor advocate, Harassing or Threatening or even contacting anyone in government office, anyone working at the lottery.

In light of the Towanda A. Shields “news story”, I find it germane to share my personal philosophy and code of action that I do not and will not ever- nor have I ever- contact a government official by mail or over the phone, I will not go to their office with a question, etc. It is too easy for the agency, individual, or government as a whole to assert a claim of threats or harassment, which they do loosely and freely, if even one phone call is placed to the individuals in question.

Unfortunately, this leaves researching the topics in a difficult place, since in this day in age, a man would be guilty until proven innocent- which would probably not happen.

It is a sad state of affairs when an organization that is subject to the Freedom of Information Act hides behind that fact, then neither shares nor makes available much of the information it ought to. However, I will work with the information to which I have access, and will continue to do my due diligence in reporting the fantastic nature of lottery events, fraud, lies, and illegitimacy without ever contacting a lottery official.

I write this to protect myself in the event that there are ever any false claims made against myself or this blog.


Thank you for reading,




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