Mark Mattioli, father of Sandy Hook victim (edit: “victim”) won CT Lottery, once before shooting, once after.

​On September 16, 2011, a James Mattioli allegedly won 100k. 
Then, December 14, 2012, a James Mattioli allegedly loses his son in the worst shooting in history (the worst staged acting and obvious lies the world has been shown. If you disagree, prove me wrong. Go look for yourself. I am not blgoing to try to prove to you that hoax news shootings exist. They do. Seek the truth yourself.) 
And then Mattioli again wins 50k one year after on December 20, 2013. 

Peculiar, one would say ironic in a sense that he’s had the luckiest and unluckiest things happen to him.

 However, since we know there was no shooting, perhaps he also didn’t win the lottery? 
Is James Mattioli a sort of identity construct, pulled from the same identity warehouse where they create lottery winners? Another way to say, is there no true James Mattioli, only ghost identities used for government and special interest purposes, and they accidentally drew from the same well of names? Or the Sandy Hook parents were selected from a group of people who were more likely to lie and go along with the fruad, so some of them had corrupt things, like fraudulent lotto wins, already in their past? 
I think that’s highly likely CORRELATED, but NOT CAUSALLY. 
Please share your thoughts. 
All lottery winnings can be verified on 


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