2011 CT Lottery winner dies in wreck in 2016, but what does that have to do with Wreaths Across America? Quite a bit, actually.


This photo was obtained by the CT Post, from Brandon Dupee’s Facebook page.

Dupee, 33 at time of death, in front of a WREATH, after being pulled over being spotted driving erratically by convoy of WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA, on their way to ARLINGTON National Cemetery, and Dupee lived in an ARLINGTON STREET home owned by ARLINGTON LLC. What is the real deal with this story?

Dupee won the lottery in 2011, and died in a car wreck in December 2016, along with his sister Lindsay Dupee, the media reports. Brandon Dupee was 33.


Dupee was again in the news in February 2016, having been arrested for refusing to leave a store until they sold him scratch off tickets after hours. This could be the story that was created to set up the identity or storyline for the December 2016 arrest and death story. It gives credence to him being a lottery player, first, and secondly, it shows that he is someone who engages in antisocial behavior such as threatening and disorderly conduct, so a December 2016 arrest would not be surprising. See bottom of this article for the link to that ‘story’, also by Leslie Lake, same author of his December 2016 arrest and death article.

The photograph has a wreath displayed prominently on the wall behind Dupee, so we checked to see if there was any synchronicity or ‘coincidence’ to that item being in the particular photo being used by the media. Even to this blog’s surprise, there WAS significance to it. Another news source cites that:

“Police said a Wreaths Across America* convoy of police vehicles was on Hendricks Street at 7:19 p.m. Tuesday when Brandon Dupee’s driving caught the attention of a police chief from Maine. The convoy had stopped at the St. Ann Club for dinner.”

In another strange twist, the convoy of Wreaths Across America was headed to Arlington National Cemetery, where they lay the wreaths in a ceremony each year. One of Dupee’s recent addresses?

ARLINGTON STREET, Norwalk, CT, at a residence owned by “Arlington LLC”.

*(Note that for privacy and safety, even though the subject is deceased, this blog is not ‘doxxing’ or sharing private information, or personal addresses of any party in this blog. Street numbers and other unrelated names are not being shared.)

Not sure what to make of it, but it certainly was surprising that when you search for Dupee and ‘wreath’, there was actually a match. Then to have one of his previous addresses show up as Arlington Street, when you search for him and Arlington, certainly makes the story even more suspicious, coincidental, laden with ‘synchronicity’ that means more is afoot than we are being told.

What to make of it, we aren’t sure, but it should absolutely be mentioned since there seems to be some sort of encoding, since as we know- there are no coincidences.

Frank Juliano and Leslie Lake reporting for the Connecticut Post news outlet, which consistently gets found posting false news stories and carrying the narrative being pushed, state that Dupee was arrested and subsequently crashed his car and died in the wreck.

On July 23, 2011, Dupee claimed his $500K win, which he split half with the man he went in on half the ticket with, Lester Bilyou Sr., who claimed his $500K the day before on July 22, 2011. Dupee and Bilyou, says the article, were an unlikely pair to have shared the ticket, since at the time Dupee was 28 and Bilyou was 90. The two were allegedly neighbors, the article says.

It looks to us as if Brandon is not the only ‘dupee’ here- as we, the consumer of lottery tickets and reader of these news articles are the ones being DUPED.

They will DUPE you, and they will BILL YOU; these two men have fitting names.

The story can be found here: http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Report-Two-killed-in-Fairfield-crash-10795205.php

*’Wreaths Across America’ (WAA) is based in Maine. The organization hosts an annual drive to Arlington National Cemetery, to honor ‘fallen veterans’ in the famous (infamous) wreath laying ceremony. The quote from the WAA website says: “A person dies twice: Once when they take their final breath, and later, the last time their name is spoken.” The site hosts quotes from Helen Keller (“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Deep, that one.), and Amelia Earhart (hers about acts of kindness taking root, and springing up new trees elsewhere.)

Karen Worcester owns the Worcester Wreath Co. She is also the Executive Director of the organization, which has many Directors. Rene and Sarah Worcester also sit on the Board of Directors. (aka make a living from this charity)


In 2013 the non-profit organization Wreaths Across America reported an annual revenue of $6,628,466.00. $4million went to the Worcester Wreath Co.; the company owned by the President and Executive director of WAA, for wreaths. Circular decorations you hang on a door, or in this case a grave marker, made out of tree branches. Four million dollars on wreaths.



  • $39,983 on Advertising (does not include website and IT costs, would advertising include paid-for media stories?)
  • $207, 610 on “Other” which is never accounted for elsewhere on tax docs..
  • $26, 217 on “Other Expenses” which is never accounted for elsewhere on tax docs.
  • $19K on office supplies
  • Though the revenue was $6,649,621, they have itemized their annual expenses as: 6,555,627, which yields the organization a profit margin of: $93,994 for 2013.


Karen Worcestor, Exec.Dir.

Wreaths Across America (Columbia Falls, Maine)

morrillkarenworcesterKaren and husband Morrill Worcestor (whose name the media interchangeably spells ‘Worcester’- Karen’s signature on tax documents for the non profit are signed WORCESTER, with an E) who founded the organization.

We are not here to “decorate graves.” We’re here to remember not their deaths, but their lives.

—Karen Worcester, Executive Director of Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America at http://www.wreathsacrossamerica.org has a lovely website, it is designed beautifully, and urges the visitor to donate to a number of charities, including its own of course. It tells the story of Morrill Worcestor, who as a boy won a trip to Washington DC and was moved by the experience of visiting Arlingtion National Cemetery so much that as an adult when his wreath shop had a surplus in 1992, he was moved to contact then Senator Olympia Snowe, and with her aide begin the annual pilgrimage and donation process. Clearly, the entire operation was set up and funded from its outset, as is the case with many charities. If one single person contacted a senator for help starting a charity organization and asked for support in so doing, it would be unlikely that individual would even get a call back from a Senator’s aide, let alone have direct support from the government and other groups, starting a massive network of ‘giving’. Giving is a word used by charities and ‘non profits’ that, like non profit, is a misnomer- giving is a nice way of saying, We want to take your money. Cynical as this sounds, it is the simple truth. The website proudly boasts the organization’s slogan: “Honor, Teach, Give”. Honor fallen soldiers, (No one is dying in war. If they do it is of natural causes, or the recycle the soldier to a new role; a statement which may cause a stir since it is not popylar and very controversial but it is this blog’s intent to only speak the truth. WAR IS NOT WHAT YOU’VE BEEN TOLD, IT IS ONE ONGOING LARGE FALSE FLAG. If you areceived reading this, and you’re a veteran, and you tell people that war was so horrid you’ve got to not talk about it, and you infer that you shot someone, then uhhh you know exactly what I mean {*wink wink} because it’s these soldiers carrying the lie, driven by their own ego. Tell the truth. I had 2 friends tell me they lied. One Vietnam, 1 Iraq. They’d both been talking PTSD and depression and they were a result of fake atrocities they’d committed. They saw the chance to come clean when I confronted them, and they did. All they did and saw at war was controlled demolition, that’s IT ), to teach…we aren’t sure what, and to give. Give, give, give, so they can take, take take. I suppose they want to teach people to give.

Could Brandon Dupee’s lottery win, and subsequent publicized death story, be no more than an advertisement for this organization, seeing as though his alleged death occurred on Wreaths Across America Day, and he was pulled over as a result of the ‘convoy’ of WAA vehicles seeing his erratic driving, and then his media photograph shows him standing perfectly in front of nothing other than a WREATH?



*Link to February 2016 article about arrest for arguing about buying scratch tickets:

http://www.thehour.com/norwalk/article/Norwalk-man-charged-with-trespassing-after-being-8008323.php   Note that this article proves the address on Arlington Street as mentioned earlier in the story.


Another connection between DUPEE and ARLINGTON:


A woman raising money for the Visiting Nurses named DUPEE in ARLINGTON, Massachusetts.

We have found that there is a very deeply rooted connection between fundraising for Visiting Nurses Associations (and Hospice Care Centers) and the Lottery, so this link is not so surprising as it is blatant.






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