Robocop, Valencia, Skillman NJ, and a bizarre twist to a CNN story

CNN’s Michael Rapiejko dubbed ‘Robocop’


In 2014, Michael Rapiejko earned the nickname “Robocop” in the media- CNN- and then it appears other outlets followed suit and used the same nonsensical moniker.  Nonsensical in that he did nothing worthy of the title. He was (remember, use the word ‘allegedly’ in front of all sentences on this blog which refer to news stories, since as a rule, they are not true unless proven true, which I’ve had yet to have happen) ALLEGEDLY in pursuit of a suspect, 36 year old Mario Valencia, and upon approaching the suspect instead of drawing his weapon, Rapiejko used his police cruiser to run the man down, ALLEGEDLY hitting him with his vehicle, see photo from dashcam (allegedly…repeat ad nauseum). This action was celebrated as heroic and thus Robocop, perhaps partially because of the alliteration with his surname. Not sure why, but in any event, it was the headline story on CNN. They continuously ran the story…Robocop….Rapiejko…..Rammed….. Robbery…

Mario Valencia, 36, so the story goes, was wanted for armed robbery. In the dashcam photo, the man being struck looks not only nothing like the media photo of Valencia, he barely looks like a person, and looks more like an Asian mannequin. Moreover, the photo of Valencia looks like a man far senior to the 36 years he allegedly is. Putting that aside, when we look at Rapiejko’s past it is interesting and connected directly to this story in a way that only a fake news story can be.

Valencia was 36 years old, they said, right? Rapiejko was sworn in that year on 3/6. Rapiejko had just moved to Arizona. He had left the New York City Police Department for a reason that becomes clear shortly. While working in New York, he resided in New Jersey at the address 3 VALENCIA Drive. The same name as the suspect, and also using the number 3. How bizarre. If we didn’t know better, we would say it was a strange case of synchronicity. (A term likely pushed on the public for reasons such as this, but Carl Jung and his deep roots to the intelligence community are a topic for another post).

Below, Mario Valencia, 36, being struck by Michael “Robocop” Rapiejko’s cruiser.

Photo: Marana County, Arizona, Sherriff’s Dept.  (2/19/2015)



That 3 Valencia Drive address is curious for a couple reasons. 1, the name Valencia has -CIA as its suffix, which always draws a keen eye. Secondly, this street is in a barely-there town called Skillman. Skillman NJ is host to a population of 240 people, and 2 businesses. Most of thse 240 people, as you would imagine, work in these 2 businesses. The companies are: Bloomberg Finance LP, and Johnson and Johnson Co.

This street, Valencia Drive, is also bizarre in and of itself. There are 12 homes on the street, and at the time of this inquiry into the real estate there (July 2015) 9 or the 12 homes were owned by women named Virginia. None of the women shared a last name, so we would suppose none were the same person.

Rapiejko’s former home is currently occupied by someone with the last name Christie and owned by a woman named Victoria Martin (close to Virginia like the other 9, but not quite), sharing a surname with the state’s Governor Chris Christie. Next door, another New York/New Jersey royalty member; Greenberg.

Rapiejko and Valencia hit the news again in 2016.

In a recent claim, which is a legal document and filing that typically precedes a lawsuit, Mario Valencia in February 2016, filed against the Marana County Police Department for damages stemming from that incident/accident/arrest. (One would expect this to be the case, since if the story were true the man would likely do this, so this story is probably a ‘Validator’, a news story created to validate another narrative, or part of the same narrative. According to reports on the website for the university, and Rapiejko’s own LinkedIn profile, he is now in Connecticut, Hamden to be specific, pursuing a law degree at Quinnipiac University.(Quinnipiac has a jumbled version of the -IAC suffix. A stretch, but it does!)

The strange thing about this police officer turned national pseudo-celebrity-for-a-day, turned Law Student, is that he entered law school August 2015, just months after the “Robocop” incident. This would mean, that he left New York, to go through the training academy in Arizona, all the while knowing he would leave soon to enter law school, since he would have had to already taken the LSATs, received his scores, applied to school, been reviewed, interviewed, and accepted. That takes time.

In an undated news article (also a strange and unprofessional phenomenon we are seeing in media sources which lack any sort of journalistic integrity or fact checking) Cassandra Vinograd writes for NBC that Rapiejko had been the subject of a law suit while he was a NYPD officer. The Plaintiff alleges that while visiting NYC, Rapiejko pointed his duty weapon at him, while off duty, and while Rapiejko was in the presence of his wife and four (4) children, and ordered the man back into his vehicle that he had just exited moments before. The article does not share any information about the motive for Rapiejko doing so, but adds that Rapiejko threatened to shoot the man, handcuff him, and choke him.

The case settled in the plaintiff’s favor, finding Rapiejko guilty- he admitted to the offense- but this is how the article words that.

“[Rapiejko’s] defense team denied the allegations but acknowledged

that Rapiejko had pointed a gun and ordered [the man] back in his car.”

But…. those were the allegations, so why say that the defense team denied them? I suppose but for the threatening to choke him part of the story, however I wouldn’t call that an out and out denial of claims. In any case, the matter was settled in small claims court, and the man was paid $20,000. Subsequently, Rapiejko resigned from New York, and went to Arizona, and you know the rest.

Are these side stories just examples of Validators? Does the NY man’s story serve some alternate purpose (such as perhaps the entire story could be made up, and perhaps that $20K went to something, or someone, else, for purposes individuals wanted to keep hidden?) That is pure speculation, but this entire string of stories, bizarre narratives, weird overlaps of names, places, and numbers, makes this news story a part of my Hall of Fame of strange (fake; implied) news.

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