Proof Actors Used in Fake Shooting; Media is Santa Claus for Adults

The Fort Lauderdale Shooting was an obvious fraud, a hoax, a drill gone live, a media spectacle. I don’t understand the psychological drive, clearly deeply rooted, that makes a journalist too scared to look at the facts, and too scared to speak out if he did. It is overt, and yet people are scared. 
You know what they’re most scared of don’t you? What perpetuates the lie? Being left out. Being ostricized. Once the scale starts to tip and more people admitted the shooting was fake, those same people would come out of the woodwork “I knew it was fake, stupid liars”.. they don’t want to be alone. 
Too scared of embarrassmental to speak the truth.
Would rather huddle in a crowd of liars than stand alone and speak the truth. How very sad.

Dontpayop Twitter has asked several journalists and media outlets directly to please address this. Will let you all know what they reply, if anything. 
But we know the truth. 

Sadly, most adults still believe. And they have to cling tightly, because all reality is telling them it’s fake so they cling tightly; ‘I want to believe! I want to believe!’ And they will grip and hang on, like a little 8 year old teetering on the edge of truth, but not ready to take the leap. Too scared and too young still. But as an adult, grow up. Be brave. Face it! Say it! It’s ok, you won’t turn to stone or get coal in your stocking for speaking the truth  (that I know of yet).
What is scary is that these lies (drills conducted and then packaged for the media as real shootings), will end up in history books, and then our children will think there was almost 1 shooting a day since Sandy Hook. 
They will learn abut the violent nature of humanity, about mental illness that strikes and causes homicidal tendencies, about the lack of security at public locations, especially airports, and they will learn only to trust the very perpetrator of these acts. 

I will explain when they are old enough to understand, these shootings are like Santa Claus. 
Except he doesn’t bear gifts of toys.
 This Santa bears gifts of freedom restriction and media fraud. Ho, ho, ho, everyone.


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