Mark Adams, 22 Time Lottery Winner wins again yesterday making it 23 wins

Maybe Adams does play so often and so many numbers that he just has frequent wins. According to the odds, however, the statistical probability of that is very minimal, but since this is all speculative, in all fairness and in the spirit of truth and transparency, we have to preface any further comments with this possibility.

On January 13, 2017, this blog posted the following link:

Well, Mark Adams, lucky 22 time winner, just won a 23rd time.

It was posted yesterday that Adams won another $11,000 on 1/12/17.

We will update the post on Adams with this new win.

There is little information on Adams that would directly link him to any lottery officials, or companies related to the lottery, or the non profit organizations (CT Audubon Society, Visiting Nurses Association, network of Hospice locations) that are found to have underground lottery connections.

There are secondary connections, however.

Adams has connections to a person with the last name SCARANO. Scarano is also the last name of the Labor Relations Manager of the Florida, Marina Scarano. Scarano was in office there during a large corruption investigation and scandal in 2003. Par for the course for the lottery system in the US.


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