Trevor Noah makes Donald Trump / Biff Tannen comparison

One has to admit, the similarities are amusing, if not startling. Did the writers of BTTF know that Trump would end up running for President, and subsequently be elected as US President? 

Recently, someone posted a commental on a YouTube video citing Biff Tannen’s name came from an (un)likely inspiration: a combination of Hiram Abiff, founder of freemasonry, and Tannen, the Jewish reference to the tannenbaum, a fir tree referenced at Christmastime in songs and books of old. 
Biff, the bumbling, pompous and wealthy narcissist shares quite the visual similarities with the new POTUS, that are hard to ignore once you see them. 

Is this a coincidence, or are conspiracy theorists onto something when they refer to the coined term ‘predictive programming'(Hollywood referenced to future events)? 

We don’t know, but either way, it is pretty fascinating! 


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