Greenwich High School Gym Teacher wins lottery – AGAIN!

Lillian Perone, a P.E. teacher at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, CT has done it again.

Perone, who was written about for “dancing” after winning the lottery the night she realized she’d won while watching “Dancing with the Stars”, in 2013 ($20k, below), has just won another $10,000 on 1/20/2017.



Perone (and Perrone) must be a lucky name because a Stephen Perrone won the following back to back. His wins have since been removed from a database that listed winners of less than $20,000, so we have no way (unless we pay for the FOIA release from the lottery) of getting that information at this time. Some cached versions of old information host this former data. However, recently, Perrone and Perone each had other wins, which are not listed on the site. The next two serve as examples of “win clusters” which occur with certain individuals who get lucky suddenly, never to be heard from again.
On 4/28/2011, Steven Perrone of Newtown, CT won $10,000.

On 2/14/2011,  Steven Perrone of Newtown, CT won $10,000.

And some other wins which, as I mentioned, we can’t access on the database at this time.

Don’t forget this guy, the 23 time winner of the CT Lottery, and there are dozens, if not HUNDREDs more of these people who JUST…KEEP…WINNING… We may have gotten a B in statistics in college, but… this isn’t how it’s supposed to work. Not at all.


Hey, @CTLottery… what’s going on here?



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