FAKE IDENTITIES ABOUND; News Reports of ‘Truther’ Arrests not only fabricated, suspects are ‘perp-sims’


If a vicsim is a fictitious person, designed to play the role of victim of a mainstream media event, then a perp-sim is a fictitious perpetrator. The world is much safer than you’re led to believe. The real perpetrators are those lying to the public about these mainstream media events (MMEs) and selling fear, death, pain, war, and mass murder as real. Public Relations firms’ designs, thinktanks’ theater spectacles, in real time, then played for you on CNN, CBS, and ABC.

There is no shortage of false identities created just for that purpose, ‘perp-sims’ serve to teach the awakened of us that you better not speak out, lest you become like these individuals. The thing is, none of these people are ‘real’. Sure, the images you see are people, maybe they’re edited, maybe not. More than likely they are individuals hired for this purpose who have agreed to play a part in a public spectacle, a made for reality movie, and they are being compensated. (See this blog’s ‘Lottery’ posts to learn one of the ways in which these people are getting paid ‘under the table’, so to speak.)



Bryce Cuellar (above)  FAKE IDENTITY

*(Has no phone numbers listed in his name ever, 1 address which is not even a residence. It’s a little rock, with a rolling tumbleweed, in a desert, in Nevada. No history of ever existing other than in these YouTube videos where he claims to be this person, and then in the media stories where they legitimize the identity.


Lucy Richards   [left, and below]

“Harassed Len Pozner*,

Sandy Hook parent.”

The media tells us these images are the same person, taken 1 month apart.



By accident, or because it is disorganized (?), actually published a picture of AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WOMAN, claiming SHE is Lucy Richards.

The 2nd Lucy Richards is about 60 to 70 years old, long, stringy gray hair, with a hunched back and a walker, going to court in her pajamas. I swear. This deserves its own post!)




Jonathan Lee Riches [seen above in a photo taken at the scene of the Sandy Hook Shooting event]


Has “gone to prison”, and assumed the following identity when he did so, having prerecorded many videos as Riches to release and make it appear the 2 men are existing simultaneously when really the are not. Riches is known as the man who filed the most lawsuits and was in the Guinness Book of World Records for doing so. (Filing ridiculous claims against people like the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and absurd caricature-like supposed behaviors, like filing a lawsuit against a box of paperclips.)



Donald Marshall. FAKE IDENTITY.

This guy tries to sell the idea of human cloning centers to naïve truth-seeking individuals online, hoping to both distract them from actual facts, as well as get them to repeat his claims and thus make themselves appear ‘crazy’, the most dismissive word you can call someone, according to Dave Chapelle.



And this is where scared people will stop reading. They don’t read anymore because they can’t imagine that the government would create fake identities. Really? These same people will believe that we can fly a rocket into outer space and bring back pieces of the moon, but they will not believe that an IT guy working for the CIA can assign a bogus name and social security number to a person, give them a web footprint, and voila – you’ve got an agent. No, THAT is too far-fetched. Proof, we would add, that the brainwashing has worked, and the aversion to even looking at the evidence is the nail in that coffin.

The aforementioned names we hear in connection with ‘truthers’, people who reject the official, mainstream media version of events, supposedly, and then engage in some sort of illegal behavior that directly stems from their disbelief in the main stream story. Typically, the person will be said to place phone calls to family members of victims, maybe stalk someone in person, or post harassing and threatening content online.

The problem is, the mainstream stories are NOT true, and then in another layer of lies, these people aren’t real people anyway.

They exist as examples for those of the same ilk, a news story that is posted as a wagging finger of the media; tsk-tsk, awakened ones. You may think you know, but you have no idea. And better yet, if you voice any opinion about it, you could be next.

It is obvious that if a large think tank and social engineering organization/ Public Relations firm creates a large scale hoax event (sometimes referred to as a false flag, but that phrase is a misnomer we avoid, since generally speaking, no one is killed in any of these events, and that is not a popular opinion. Even in our world’s largest false flag events to date, no one died. ‘Vic-sims’ they are called, a term used referring to made up victims, created identities, fabricated characters, just like those in a movie.)

Well, these aren’t vic-sims. They are vic-perps 2.0. The first vic-perp would be Adam Lanza, a vic-perp 2.0 would be Jonathan Lee Riches, who allegedly pretended to be Lanza’s cousin and was subsequently arrested, however Riches is an infamous hoax identity himself, in the media for ridiculous stunts, that never happened, that have been staged or never happened at all just for the purpose of being strung up as an example.

Riches has gone on to play a new character online now. Riches has recently become Donald Marshall, a man who claims to be a clone, have seen some sort of human cloning centers, pushing this massive ridiculous idea that humans are being cloned everywhere, all celebrities and public figures are cloned; that they kill the original, and put a bot-like clone in that original character’s stead. A few extra pounds and some new hair doesn’t hide the obvious identity, mannerisms and ‘windows to the soul’ eyes that tell all. He may be deranged from playing these fake identities for so long that his narrative is almost believable; maybe he has started to even believe it. Either way, there is no Jonathan Lee Riches (note the middle name Lee, common in fabricated vic-perps/vic-sims/vic-perp 2.0s) and there is no Donald Marshall.


These are fabricated identities created for the purpose of scaring people who want to dig deeper for the truth about mainstream media events.



Do not be fooled; you’ve come this far, awoken this much, do not underestimate the enemy. They are lying to you, to us, at every turn, every chance they get.



*Lenny/Len/Leonard/Eliezer Pozner has been outspoken as a parent of Sandy Hook. He has written slanderous letters to the Hartford Courant about those who are seeking the truth about this massive spectacle and MME fabrication. He continues to be the voice of the anti-truth movement, even starting an arguably anti-constitutional organization which stands for exactly the opposite of what it claims to- HONOR. He is not a man with any, nor does he really seem to care, since he is getting quite rich off of this event, and is having a blast making fun of anyone who dare post anything online about Sandy Hook being a made-for-TV fake news event.


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