The Human Capability and Tendency to Adjust.

Over enough time, introduced in a gradual enough manner, human beings can get used to nearly anything. 

The only thing forcing me to use the word ‘nearly’ is is that there are some instinctual horrors that I know a mother could not allow no matter how much conditioning took place. No matter how socially acceptable it became, for example, I don’t think a mother could allow the torture of her children. 

Oh, wait. 

Women vaccinate their babies every day, so we can’t rule out torture…because most people, mothers included, can be tricked….tricked into ANYTHING, even into hurting their children. 

Humans begin to think that new, (culturally* introduced) behavior and thoughts are “normal”, and anyone who thinks otherwise is “weird”. (Think of the recent and sudden push towards transgenderism. You can feel how OBVIOUSLY manufactured that was, right?)

Ah yes. The word ‘weird’. That brings me to my next post on why being called “weird”- or any synonym or similar phrase – is just as powerful as the inner voice we have calling ourselves weird- 


The strongest controller of human behavior is our own fear of what other people think of us. 


You’ll be an outcast if you tell people THAT.

 And so people police their own words and actions by keeping thems elves within the “Society Normal Range”. 

Not all of us, though. The truth seekers, you and me, we are the real threat to the existing structure because we don’t mind being called weird. Their social conditioning didn’t and doesn’t work on us. 

And that scares them shitless. 

*Cultural introductionsof social norms occur as a result of efforts by many groups not the least of which is the mega thinktank The Tavistock Institute, for example, who trickles down marching orders to all major TV shows, movies, children’s literature…  

So across the board, the same concepts are being disseminated, and now we have an entire generation who is basing their norms on what they see on TV and in books, none of which is organic. They, the top of humanity’pyramid structure, have controlled and thought of every last little corner of our lives, and our minds, for as long as history has been written. Don’t let them steal your SELF. 
STAND UP PROUDLY IF YOU TELL THE TRUTH AND DON’T BE SCARED TO “BE WEIRD’. And I mean truly WEIRD. Not the kind of ‘socially sanctioned weird’; that’s an oxymoron. Don’t be an oxymoron.



Any thoughts on where Tavistock researchers get THEIR marching orders from? 

And for that person or group, what’s their motivation? 

Where does it all begin, and who ARE They?


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