This blog is dedicated to exposing the truth about the rigged lottery system that exists in the world today- in every state, province, country- it is all fabricated. The blog will explore the corrupt origins of the lottery system, the financial and sociopolitical purposes this lie serves, and the fake winners, falsified records, and even elaborate hoaxed scandals which exist to prop up the lie that Рaside from an occasional lone party who attempts to fraud the system (See fake news in the media about fall guy Eddie Tipton)- the lottery is an honest game of odds, whose winners are actual people just like you.

If you have information, experiences¬†or responses you’d like to share, I can be reached at dontpay@mail.com

Follow this blog on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/DONTPAYOP

Welcome to the truth about one of the biggest lies in our world- The Lottery.


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